Can I bring my own food and drinks into the rink?

We have an affordable extensive menu at our concession stand (unlike movie theatres) and it's all delicious! Dinner time at West Park - select a chicken strip basket, freshly made pizza, corndog nuggets, chili/cheese hotdog and much more. Please, no outside food or drink is allowed.

Can I walk out on the floor in my shoes to take pictures?

Parents are not allowed out on the skating floor with shoes on for any reason during a public session. It's too dangerous with skaters not watching for pedestrians walking on the floor. If your child needs your help, please let your hostess, a manager, a floor guard know and we will help your child get to you.

Do parents have to pay that wish to stay but not skate?

Parents of birthday children skate for free the day of their party. Parents and Grandparents accompanying their children to skate a public session and not skating are also free. We appreciate our Guests utilizing the snack bar to cover the costs of keeping a facility like West Park Skate Center open and do not bring in outside food or drink. If you change your mind and wish to skate, you can go to the office and pay for admission and skate rental. You must have a skate ticket to get rental skates back at the rental skate counter. If you are parent coming with a child to a birthday party, please note that we do not guarantee reserved seating in the snack bar. General seating in the snack bar is for guests that are eating. There is no claiming of tables for an entire session because your child is visiting with us for the birthday party. Most parents spending time with the birthday family utilize the reserved birthday area tables to rest while the children are out skating. We also have a Flat Screen TV for any major sporting event and have the NBA and NFL subscription for important games. If you wish to skate, you need to pay the admission and we include skate rental.

What kind of music is played during the session?

West Park Skate Center only plays non-offensive music that is appropriate for the session. We take care to filter any profanities or inappropriate subject matter out of our music library. You can request all kinds of music from Country, Pop, Oldies and Contemporary Christian music.

Do you have a Lost & Found?

At the end of each session, we walk the rink and off floor areas gathering up any items that are left behind. Valuable items are kept in the office for 30 days. Skate, outerwear, bags, and other assorted clothing is placed back by the skate room in a lost and found bin. After 30 days, they are donated to the Salvation Army. If you call the rink and leave a message, please give us a phone number that you answer. You can stop by anytime the rink is open and ask to see if your item is in the office or lost and found bin. We recommend that all our guests use our lockers, they cost 25 cents. We take no responsibility for any items left after a session.

Do you provide Teachers for the children that cannot skate?

Beginner lessons are offered every Saturday from 11:45am - 12:45pm for $4 including skate rental. You may want to suggest a lesson to your guests prior to the Birthday Party. Helpful Skate Mate rolling trainers are also available to assist beginners for an additional $5 rental fee. The Skate Mate may be used the entire session. West Park Skate Center Floor Guards are available to give helpful tips to new skaters but cannot dedicate their entire time to teaching during the session.

Can I just bring a group of kids to skate and bring in cupcakes?

We have affordable party packages available that allow you to bring in cake/cupcakes and/or ice cream for your guests. No food or beverages area allowed in the skating center without a package reservation.

What do you have in the Snack Bar?

Our concession stand serves Pepsi products. A 16oz drink is $1.75, 24oz drink is $2,25 and a 32oz drink is $2.75. We also have Gatorade, energy drinks, iced tea and bottled water too.  Homemade pizza, hotdogs, , chicken strips, french fries, freshly baked pretzels, breadsticks, cotton candy and much more. Prices are very family friendly.

Where is West Park Skate Center located?

We are located on the west side of Huntington at the intersection of State Road 9 South and Hwy 24 West.

Please visit our contact page for our address, maps, and more information about our location.